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System Interfacing

The translation

between systems

The vast majority of vehicles, machines and robots consist of a set of subsystems, of which the Dot Robot subsystems are part. Interfacing with the other subsystems on mechanical, electrical and software level is a key aspect of the Dot Robot proposition . 

We are inherently agnostic to communication and control protocols, thus allowing our customers maximum flexibility in the choice of components, if required.

Examples of subsystems we typically interface with are DCDC converters, on-board chargers (OBCs) and battery systems.

A total package​

We deliver a total package, making it fun and easy for our clients to work with us. We are pragmatic and quick to deliver. Below, you find the most important areas of expertise we employ:

Human Machine Interfacing
System Interfacing
Vehicle Control
Battery Control
Power Distribution
Motors & Inverters
Charging Systems
Autonomy Systems

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of some of our succes stories

OK, we proudly share our knowledge and stories, but we also back it up with evidence. Below you will find some examples of our System Interfacing activities.


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