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Wire Harness


Bundled and wrapped into a harness

Wire harnesses are just like our central nervous system; witout connections between our brain and muscles there is not much we can achieve. Our Wire Harnesses serve as the essential connections between all components in the system. Made up from connectors, wires, tape and -if needed- even protective tubing. After installation we tend to forget about them, but their robustness is essential for proper functionality of many of our applications.

  • Custom designed and made to fit into any vehicle, robot or machine design
  • Robustness is key for reliable operation of the vehicle
  • Made in EU
  • Tested on each contact before delivered
  • Low or high voltage applications
  • Shielded against electrical interferences, vibrations and moisture
  • Application specific designs

A total package​

We deliver a total package, making it fun and easy for our clients to work with us. We are pragmatic and quick to deliver. Below, you find the most important areas of expertise we employ:

Human Machine Interfacing
System Interfacing
Vehicle Control
Battery Control
Power Distribution
Motors & Inverters
Charging Systems
Autonomy Systems

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