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Vehicle Control Unit

The brains

of any vehicle

The Vehicle Control Unit is the central brain of the vehicle, machine or robot. It includes the main control processor, optional auxiliary motor controllers and all relevant I/O interfaces to control your system.
Compatible with Dot Robot’s modular software platform for fast and seamless integration of electric machines, or software developed for specific applications.

Vehicle control unit
  • Programmed standard component or fully custom-built hardware and software
  • Possibility to integrate functionality such as low-power modes, electric auxiliary drives for driving, steering and stability control
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity and response rates to create unique driving and operating behavior
  • Overvoltage protection and integrated fail-safe functions
  • CAN interface and cloud connectivity*
  • Wide range of versions available with different computational power ranges, to suit lightweight or large and complex applications
  • Compatible with almost any industrial communication standard
  • Diagnosis and monitoring software available for service engineers

A total package​

We deliver a total package, making it fun and easy for our clients to work with us. We are pragmatic and quick to deliver. Below, you find the most important areas of expertise we employ:

Human Machine Interfacing
System Interfacing
Vehicle Control
Battery Control
Power Distribution
Motors & Inverters
Charging Systems
Autonomy Systems

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